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Luxury Tie on Waist Beads

Tie-on handmade traditional waist beads handcrafted on durable cotton strings

Position and tie them around your stomach where comfortable. As you are losing weight, the beads will drop from that position over time. You can adjust them and make them smaller to prolong their use! If you are fertile, bloated or gaining weight - it will be known because your beads will fit tighter.

HOW TO TIE ON WAIST BEADS: 1) Position the strand around your waist, where you would like them to lay 2) Cross the ends at your desired fit while allowing the extra beads to drop to the ends 3) Tie 2-3 knots a that spot 4) Cut the ends to release the extra beads into a bowl, then cut the strings off close to the knot

Optional: add a drop of super glue to secure the knot.

**Waist beads are a very beautiful, but yet delicate adornment for your body. Delicate in the sense that you must take care of it in order for it to last. Be mindful when you are putting on and taking off your clothes, going to the bathroom or any strenuous activity that can cause extensive tension on the strand and cause it to break.