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Why do women wear waist beads?

♡ Waist beads are commonly used to track changes in weight. Instead of stepping on a scale, people can use waist beads to stay aware of any weight gain or loss in the abdomen. 

♡ In many West African traditions, such as Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, and other West African countries, WAISTBEADS are a symbol of femininity, fertility, sensuality, and spiritual well-being. 

♡Some women wear specific beads during sex when they’re trying to conceive. In other cultures, waist beads are worn under clothing for only the wearer and her chosen partners to see.

♡While Some women wear them solely for decorative adornment purposes. Others wear them because they are a confidence booster, they love the way they look and how wearing waist beads makes them feel.

Do the different colors have meanings?

Yes. See Color & Meanings.

How do waist beads help with weight lost/ management?

Waist beads are an excellent tool to monitor your weight/ size. If your waist beads begin to get tighter, roll up, or even pop you know that you are getting bigger. As your waist beads begin to fall you know that you are loosing weight. This is why a lot of women really like wearing waist beads because it a way for them track their weight during their lost journey, or as a size monitor.

How do I measure myself for waist beads?

Use a tape measure to measure the spot in inches you would like your waist beads to lay between your waist and high hip. See How to Measure Your Waist.

Can I wear waist beads while pregnant/ how do I measure while pregnant?

Yes. When measuring for waist beads while pregnant you can either measure below your baby bump, across your navel, or slightly above the navel.

Can babies, toddlers, and young girls wear waist beads?


How do I properly care for my waist beads?

Traditional African waist beads:
It is perfectly fine to bathe, shower, swim, exercise, and have sex in traditional African waist beads strung on cotton string. Once tied on securely they become an intimate extension of you, and you do everything in them. Just be mindful not to yank on them while pulling your pants down to use the bathroom. 

Made to order waist beads:
The more simple made to order waist bead styles are also perfectly fine to bathe, shower, swim, exercise, and have sex in. Over time any gold or metal components on the waist beads will become less shinny. Be mindful not to yank on them while pulling your pants down to use the bathroom.

Can I bathe in my waist beads?

Yes you can bathe in the traditional African waist beads, as well as the majority of the made to order styles. 

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