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50" inches long Tie-on crystal Vinyl waist beads. Do not expand, permanent once tied. Authentic Handmade African Waist Beads on cotton string Made with crystals and disc beads.

A unique thin disc (heishi) beads made with vulcanite, a vulcanized hard rubber and traces of vinyl. These beads were likely produced in Europe or Germany, then exported into West Africa. As with all handmade beads, please expect slight imperfections in size, shape and color.

Shape: Irregular Thin Disc, Heishi, Spacer
Color: Royal Blue, Gold Crystals 
Strand Length: 50"

BENEFITS: Tracks weight goals (If you are losing weight the beads will start to fall from the original placement but if you are gaining weight the beads will get tighter and start to rollup) Sexual Attraction (in the African tradition, beads are worn to boost the sexual desire of their partner) Symbols of Femininity ( it is worn to express the confidence of a woman)